our philosophy

Photo: Jill Tomasetti

Photo: Jill Tomasetti

At Little Star, we believe a quality program should include a well-planned, creative, age-appropriate curriculum, with teacher-guided activities as well as time for individual exploration and free play. Throughout our daily activities and in the design of our classrooms we strive to balance structure and freedom, creating a space that fosters each child's creativity and participation in group activities. 

Another key aspect of the Little Star program is our open classroom setting, in which children engage in work and play with children of different ages. The open classroom encourages each child's curiosity and prompts their daily exploration of math, science, art, language, dramatic play, and motor skills as they move fluidly from one "learning center" to the next. Please visit our Curriculum page for more details. 

Our diverse and dedicated staff hold degrees in a myriad of areas, including Early Childhood Education, the arts and sciences, and have all fulfilled state licensing requirements. For more information about our directors, our team, and the history of our school, visit About Us

Little Star Preschool believes every child is entitled to the best education regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, medical condition, or disability. We strive to serve every unique family to the best of our ability.