Little Star Preschool “Too” is a wonderful family owned preschool. All the teachers are amazing who show so much love and support for all the kids to make them feel comfortable and happy. Little Star helped my daughter learn things in a fun and exciting way that she loved going to school each and every day. I have comfort in leaving my daughter at Little Star knowing that she will have a day filled with caring teachers, a fun educational afternoon and many friends to play together with to make the day memorable.
— Gina, Little Star "Too" parent
My child goes to this school and loves it. She’s been attending Little Star Preschool Too since she was three years old and will be graduating this year. I have seen such improvements in her vocabulary, motor skills, social skills and her behavior. She would sing new songs every week and bring back tons of art projects. My husband insists in keeping all of them and the plastic bin is overflowing with her paintings, crafts, cut outs, etc. They had the fire department visit them and she kept telling us to stop, drop and roll in case of a fire. She learns so much there and it’s because of the wonderful teachers and administrative staff.

There’s so much to praise about the teachers. They are thoughtful, attentive, caring, intelligent and enthusiastic. The teachers would give us updates on her developmental progress and once a year there’s an optional parent-teacher conference. The teachers are just wonderful people and I enjoy chatting with them about my daughter’s activities.
— Linda, Little Star "Too" parent
We knew immediately after touring Little Star Preschool “Too” that it was the school we wanted to send our children. They provided a caring, clean, and safe environment for our children and they offered a variety of resources that allowed them to play, explore, and learn with. The teachers are absolutely amazing! They are always so patient and attentive to the children. You can tell they are genuine and love what they do.

Our children loved going to school everyday and that meant a lot to us. It gave us a peace of mind knowing that they were in excellent hands. We enjoyed five years of great memories at Little Star Preschool and we feel extremely happy that we chose them to provide our children with the strong foundation they needed, both academically and socially. Not only were they our preschool, but they were family. Thank you Little Star Preschool for all that you do!!!
— Irene, Little Star "Too" parent
I have been a part of the Little Star Preschool community for the past 7+ years, since my older son started preschool at 2 1/2 years old at the Quintara site, and my second son started at the age of 3. As a first time parent searching for preschool, I was terrified - this was to be the first time I was entrusting the care of my son with strangers, and he wouldn’t be old enough to communicate with me if his care was not up to par. So I started the search for a preschool tentatively, with anxiety and ambivalence. Little Star was the first preschool we toured, and I immediately got that “feeling” - the unspoken parental certainty that this was the right place for my son. It was clean, bright, and every child looked like they were happy and every teacher was paying attention. I visited at least three more preschools but in comparison to Little Star, none came close. I later came to realize that Little Star had the lowest teacher turnover of any school I visited, and that significant fact has showed itself numerous times over the years as the school has constantly evolved for the better - because of the input from the teachers who love their school and kids, and the fact that parental input MATTERS.

Now my sons are 9 and 6 years old, and the foundation of learning they received at Little Star remains. Their conflict resolution skills, their playground manners, their love of learning, even their curiosity leads directly back to their preschool days. The director and staff of Little Star understand the enormity of the decision we parents make when choosing a preschool, and they take it seriously and honor that choice by constantly talking to the parental community not just about our individual children, but about learning as a whole. I always recommend Little Star to any parent who wants their children to go to a preschool with attentive, caring teachers; with clean and beautiful facilities; a place where their children will learn so much without even knowing it. The staff at Little Star take the time to assess the kids according to their skill level, as opposed to just age. This is very significant, as a 3-year old who knows their letters will be placed in a skill group higher than a 5-year old who may not know their alphabet yet. This is a more difficult and time consuming way to set up small groups, yet Little Star truly believes and understands that this is best for our kids.

My family was blessed to have Little Star Preschool in our lives. Our sons are thriving and constantly learning because they received the strongest foundation they could receive from Little Star. The teachers took me seriously when I wavered over whether my younger son was ready for kindergarten, and they reassured me through their years of experience and proof of his skill through his work that he was ready. They could have suggested he stay another year, if just to keep paying tuition, but that never factored into our discussions. I love Little Star Preschool and the best decision I ever made was to choose them to care and teach our sons the lessons they will keep for a lifetime.

P.S. It wasn’t until my boys graduated that I realized how valuable and special the Little Star field trips are! They were able to go to places as diverse as the Children’s Tech Museum in San Jose, Oakland Zoo and Lemos Farm in Half Moon Bay - field trips that were better than anything they have currently had in their parochial school, on chartered buses no less! Little Star Preschool is the best place for parents to send their kids to learn, grow and love learning.
— Jackie, Little Star "Too" parent
My son went to Little Star for only 1 year, before he started kindergarten, but he made a lifetime of memories and gained a wonderful sense of structure when it came to learning. The teachers at Little Star are the best - they provide a sound and fun learning environment, as well as teaching the children discipline, self-awareness, self-confidence and empathy, not to mention culture, creativity and companionship. They also communicate to and with the parents very well, and work hard to make school fun for us too! I can only say wonderful things about our experience with Little Star. My son thrived while in their hands. They did a great job preparing him for school. He went into kindergarten confident, full of life, excited to learn and make new friends. (He was one of the top 4 readers in the class!) I would recommend Little Star to anyone looking for a preschool for their children.
— Andrea, Little Star parent
We put both our boys in Little Star. We see their improvements day by day. Little Star prepares them for the school system very well, not only academically, but more importantly in their social skills.
— Helen, Little Star parent
Our daughter loves coming to LSP “Too” and asks to go to school on the weekends.

Little Star Preschool “Too” is a fantastic school, whose staff is well educated, friendly, loving and provides a safe environment for my 3.5 year old daughter. Our daughter started in March of this year and has been attending LSP “Too” for 4 months now and within such a short period of time, she has grown so much with her vocabulary expanding, she comes home everyday singing a new song (she is like a sponge), she is increasing her academic knowledge, learning to play and share with others and make friends. When we pick her up, she is excited to talk about her day at school, what she ate for lunch, who she played with and what she learned.

We feel extremely confident, happy and with trust that our daughter is in a wonderful, loving and safe environment during the day when we are at work. All the teachers and teacher’s assistants are her family away from home since she is with them for almost 10 hours a day.
— Trina, Little Star "Too" parent
Little Star “Too” has been a great experience for our family. Our daughter attended for two years and loved every moment of it. She’s going into 1st grade now and still wants to visit!

The teachers at Little Star are fantastic. They are very enthusiastic, kind and nurturing. Most of the staff have worked there for several years and they all seem to get along like one big family, making it a very warm atmosphere.

The facilities at little star are very clean, organized and well maintained. The walls are decorated with tons of creative art projects from the kids. The building is divided into two sections with several learning stations. There is also a large outdoor play area with a play structure, sandbox , bikes, cars, mini houses and several other toys to keep the kids happy. The overall building seems very safe and kid friendly as well.

The curriculum at the school is well designed, balancing learning, socializing, crafts and free time. They have different levels or groups which match each child’s abilities and skill levels maximizing their potential growth. There are about 5-10 field trips every year as well, from Lemo’s Farm, Children’s Museums, Waterparks and a few other places.

The communications is all done via email. Always sending out notices, newsletters and reminders keeping all the parents in the loop on what’s new.
We are looking forward to sending our second daughter as well!
— Kevin, Little Star "Too" parent